Seaside Singers head online to keep singing through COVID

The Seaside Singers pictured in times when singing together was something they could all enjoy together.


THE Seaside Singers have been singing at large in Port Stephens since 2009.

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However the new laws around COVID-19 have put a stop to the choirs’ voices, and there is now no song in the air.

However while the songs have stopped, the men and women that are a part of this community group have not stopped spreading their cheer.

While creatives are somewhat left in the dark through COVID-19 so too are those who normally enjoy the entertainment which the creatives bring to our usually culturally vibrant community.

The performers of the Seaside Singers are missing the fun and friendship they gain through rehearsals and performances.

Diana Souter of the Seaside Singers told News Of The Area, “As for your community choir, in Port Stephens we’re no better off.

“All choirs around the world are finding it very tricky to continue with their singing, their voices lacking practise, sadly deteriorating too soon.

“Thank goodness for the internet and amazing programmes, by working together, we still keep in touch.”

For the time being the aim is to keep the choir together, as well as keeping it’s members’ voices’ sweet.

“As many of our members are quite elderly, it is even more important that they still feel connected and valued.”

members of the choir are singing at home, as well as telling stories and staying connected via the phone.

“We also are aware of the reluctance of many members to go back to group singing, whilst the virus is still active,” she said.

“This is particularly relevant, given the age of most of our members.”

While the members of the choir wait for a way forward, they are creating a repertoire of songs and stories submitted by members each week.

With songs now available on the internet via the Seaside Singers portal, members can belt out jazz and classical tunes in the privacy of their own homes.

Members are now getting into online Karaoke which is helping them to keep engaged.

“The choirs’ new project is a rather difficult yet lovely Christmas Cantata “ A Midnight Clear” song we are rehearsing for services and concerts when we are able to perform again.

“The Seaside Singers are singing together while apart and they have even sent a compilation of songs we have recorded and photos to members of Port Stephens sister cities choirs in Japan,” said Diana.



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