Sing along with Eurogliders at Sounds of Rock

The Eurogliders will play Sounds of Rock, coming to Coffs Harbour in October.

EUROGLIDERS, Grace Knight and Bernie Lynch, have a swag of songs that made the charts in the ‘80s and its these songs the band will be belting out when they come to Coffs in October.

At the Sounds of Rock festival, playing at Coffs Harbour Showground on Saturday 22 October 2022, Eurogliders plan to play those hits and hear the crowd singing back.

“We’re lucky we had quite a few songs that made the charts back in the ‘80s and people know and love those songs, so we’ll certainly be doing all our hits,” Grace told News Of The Area.

“We might throw in a new song just for good measure.”

Aussie favourites, Eurogliders feature in the stellar Sounds of Rock line-up alongside Daryl Braithwaite and Ian Moss, Baby Animals, Ross Wilson, Dragon, The Radiators, Wendy Matthews and Rick Price.

Grace and Bernie are gagging to get gigging.

“It’s incredible to finally get back on stage,” said Grace.

“I live in Victoria, which is the world’s lockdown capital; for quite some time I was starting to wonder if I’d been retired but someone had forgotten to send me the memo.

“Being on stage has been a gigantic part of my life, it was incredibly difficult not knowing if I’d ever get back there.”

Eurogliders do a lot of regional shows and the audiences are “always fantastic”, said Grace.

“We don’t expect Coffs will be any exception.

“I’ve done a couple of ‘Sounds Of Rock’ festivals and they both had an incredible atmosphere, this will definitely ‘go off’ on the day.”

Eurogliders released a new album last year.

“Bang in the middle of a lockdown which was pretty awful timing, so we’re still trying to get the word out about that.

“Bernie Lynch is always writing new songs so we might do some more recording soon.

“The latest album is called ‘The Blue Kiss Project’ and you can get a copy from my website at

“I couldn’t count the times we passed through Coffs travelling up and down the east coast in our little tour bus in the 80s.

“I always really loved that part of the world and ended up living a bit north of there for 20-odd years.

“It’s been a while so I’m looking forward to getting back.”

With Grace Knight, the ‘manic ballerina’, and Bernie Lynch on vocals and guitar, their performances have always been a rallying cry of anthems that audiences can sing along to ‘til their lungs burst.

Songs like ‘Heaven’, ‘We Will Together’, ‘Can’t Wait To See You’, ‘Absolutely’ and ‘The City of Soul’ are firmly established as the songs of a young Australian generation.

Sing along at Sounds of Rock.


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