Social Club Membership Counts – Try Probus

Probus Club of Port Stephens President David Wilson with happy inductees Kerry Sprigg, Sally Fitzgerald, Jocelyn Betts, and Keith Hobbs.


THERE are around 6,500 community and social clubs around Australia and astonishingly, about 30% of those are Probus Clubs.

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One of the issues with retirement is what do you do with your time?

Some find renewed vigour for old hobbies, like gardening or crafts, both things we could do on our own and in our own homes.

But what if that’s not enough?

over the years around 125,000 retirees have taken to Probus Clubs with absolute gusto and have been spending much of their retirement time simply socialising and having fun with friends.

Ann Gibson told News Of The Area, “They’re always happy to tell you how much Probus has brightened their lives and rekindled their zest for fun and friendship in retirement, and they’re equally happy to welcome new members into their Clubs.”

You’ll find Probus Clubs are a mix of socialising, morning teas or lunches and a monthly meeting with interesting guest speakers, and both small and large group activities arranged by fellow Club members. Probus Clubs have a great choice of activities every month, whether it is day trips, playing cards, crafting, dining out or helping arrange even more activities for your friends.

But it’s not just about your own social life of course, it’s also about what you as a member can add to others’ lives.

Your participation as a Probian is an important part of someone else’s social activities, and as you make more friends, your circle of social influence gets wider and wider, meaning more of your fellow Members look forward to seeing you and doing something together.

Probus members become a part of their lives just as much as they do yours, and it’s this bond of friendship that has seen Probus become the major social group it is.

“We all look forward to seeing our friends, but how nice is it to realise that they look forward to seeing us just as much?” she said.

You can find out more about Probus by calling (Australia) 1300 630 488 or Visit to find out where your nearest Probus Club is.

The Port Stephens area has a variety of Probus Clubs to suit your preference for men or women only and mixed gender clubs which includes the one mentioned below:

The Probus Club of Port Stephens is a club with a variety of activities for couples and singles.

Over a hundred Probians meet at Nelson Bay Bowling Club on the second Thursday of the month at 9.30am.

You can find out more at 



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