SPORTS: Result – Pacific Dunes Golf Club

Pacific Dunes Golf Club
Pacific Dunes Golf Club

Pacific Dunes Golf Club


Weekly Comp Results

Week Ending 28/08/16

Tuesday Vets Individual S’ Ford

Ladies: B Koppman 32, J Nunn 30, H Venner 29; NTP 5th L Overend, NTP 14th L Stuart, NTP Putting B Koppman;

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Men: K Evans 39, B Pitt 37, S Mahoney 33 c/b; NTP 5th R Forster, NTP 14th M Lewis, NTP Putting R McGovern.

Wednesday Men Individual S’ Ford

M Rota 35, B Heuchan 33 c/b, B Garrett 33, F Mullins 32;

NTP 5th R Ayre, NTP 10th B Garrett, NTP 14th M Rota

Thursday Ladies Individual Stableford

M Carthew 30; NTP: 5TH J Valler, 14th M Carthew

Friday Black Tee Challenge

M Fletcher 32, R Coyte 31, M Hampson 30 c/b, C Tyson 30, C Turnbull 28

Saturday Individual Stableford


A Grade

R Ayre 38, S Bell 36, E Richardson 35, G Morgan 34 c/b

B Grade

B Garrett 36c/b, K Dunn 36, B Siebert 35, K Jones 33

NTP 5th D Brown, NTP 8th D Irwin, NTP 14th R Hogan, NTP 17th C Sparkes


V Melville 35, L Hackett 32, C Hughes 31c/b

NTP 5th J Valler, NTP 14th A Stein

Sunday Holden Scramble 4 Person Ambrose

  1. Hancock, B Allman, T Mather & B Pobje 55.125,

M Rota, C Cottier, G Trappel & T McNiff 55.375,

M Ayton, J Daley, B Ayton & S Allomes 57.25;

NTP 5 Men A Shortland, NTP 8th Ladies B Forster, Long Drive 6th Ladies G Gillard, Long Drive 7th Men M Rota.


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