SSAA NSW State Centrefire Championships

Alistair McMillan target in the Sporter 100yd comp.

SSAA Coffs Harbour branch held the SSAA NSW State Centrefire Championships at Dairyville range from 30 June to 3 July.

Once again COVID played a big part in competitor numbers.

We had 84 shooters participating over the four days.

We were lucky with the weather with Saturday being the only wet day and winds light for the whole four days, as a result several Australian records were broken.

Local shooter Michael Thompson broke the 200yds record in the unlimited class and had the smallest group at 200yds.

Steve Sori from Sydney broke the LB Australian record in the Agg and had the smallest groups at both 100 and 200yds.

Mitchell Tallar from Tamworth broke the HB Agg record and won both the three-gun and four-gun competitions.

Best screamers over the 4 days were Michael Thompson in Unlimited 200yds with a .312. Rob Carnell .154 at 100yds (these are 10 shot groups).

Sporter: Alistair McMillan with a .089 at 100yds, Mitchell Tallar .283 at 200yds.

LB: Steve Sori .083 at 100yds and Steve again with a .233 at 200yds.

HB: Barry Nichols from Newcastle with a .084 at 100yds and Darren Parsons from Newcastle with a .160 at 200yds. (these are 5 shot groups).

Alistair McMillan and Michael Thompson were best of the local shooters, Alistair taking out Sporter 100yds Gold, Sporter Agg Bronze, LB 100yds Bronze, LB Agg Bronze. Michael achieved Unlimited 100yds Bronze, 200yds Gold, Agg Gold, sg 200yds, HB 100 Bronze, Agg Bronze, 4-gun Bronze.

Other local shooters who featured were Barry Warwick LB 200yds Bronze, Ray Beavis Sporter Bronze and Rob Carnell Silver in Unlimited.

Top five results were as follows: Unlimited 100yds: Ean Parsons .2624. Rob Carnell .2682. Michael Thompson .2694. Keith Sewell .2732. Steve Sori .2768.

200yds: Michael Thompson .2313. Steve Sori .2493. Bill Jupp .2814. Ean Parsons .2815. Mark Tallar .2863. Agg: Michael Thompson .2503. Steve Sori .2631. Ean Parsons .2720. Bill Jupp .2794. Mitchell Tallar .3005.

Sporter 100yds: Alistair McMillan .2468. Robin Elton .2622. Jason Armstrong .2786. John Garland .2932. Keith Sewell .2970. 200yds: Mitchell Tallar .2514. Robin Elton .2562. Ray Beavis .2723. Ean Parsons .2869. Mark Tallar .2920. Agg: Robin Elton .2592. Mitchell Tallar .2752. Alistair McMillan .2936. Ray Beavis .3004. Keith
Sewell .3019.

LB 100yds: Steve Sori .1894. Ean Parsons .2364. Michael Thompson .2366. Alistair McMillan .2368. Robin Elton .2392. 200yds: Steve Sori .1763. Ean Parsons .2104. Barry Warwick .2543. Jason Armstrong .2571. Ray Beavis .2574. Agg: Steve Sori .1828. Ean Parsons .2234. Alistair McMillan .2547. Robin Elton .2616. Jason Armstrong .2651.

HB 100yds: Barry Nichols .1758. Steve Sori .1864. Jason Armstrong .1942. Robin Elton .2078. Mitchell Tallar .2136. 200yds: Mitchell Tallar .1659. Ean Parsons .2046. Chris Clarke .2237. John Garland .2290. Michael Thompson .2306. Agg: Mitchell Tallar .1897. Steve Sori .2140. Michael Thompson .2260. John Garland .2267. Jason Armstrong .2269.

2-gun: Steve Sori .1984. Ean Parsons .2279. Mitchell Tallar .2345. Jason Armstrong .2460. Michael Thompson .2537. 3-gun: Mitchell Tallar .2481. Ean Parsons .2620. John Garland .2738. Alistair McMillan .2753. Jason Armstrong .2814.


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