Stadium MX transforms Coffs Harbour Showground into a motocross mecca

Photos from the 12th Annual Stadium MX supplied by Sports Photography on the Coffs Coast.


FOR just one day each year, world-class motocross takes centre stage in Coffs Harbour.

The Coffs Harbour Showground was transformed into a mecca of motocross as it hosted one of Australia’s premier MotoX events – the 12th annual Coffs Harbour Stadium MX.

The trademark buzz of motorbikes filled the air as some of Australia’s best riders displayed their aerial showmanship as they raced for victory on the makeshift dirt track.

The announcer’s voice boomed throughout the Showgrounds as his dramatic tone gave the feeling of a sense of urgency with a constant update of the racing action.

Pit lane was a frenzy of activity as riders prepared their bikes and headed towards the track as their races neared.

The dummy grid just outside the track was bustling with anticipation and electricity as riders got themselves into position as they prepared to race.

It’s where Coffs Harbour rider Hendrix Glover got himself ready to take on the track.

The 8-year-old was taking part in his second Stadium MX on a track that he loves to race on each year.

“The rhythm section and sand section are my favourite parts because you can make up a lot of time and catch up to other riders if they start to slack off,” he said.

The St Augustine’s student said the wet weather the afternoon prior to Stadium X made racing a trickier proposition.

“In practice and the first race it was wet, but it dried out towards the end but it was still slippery, he said.

“It felt fine jumping but the landing was a bit slippery.”

Having ridden since the age of four, the young competitor normally rides as a member of the Coffs Harbour Motorcycle Club who host the annual Stadium MX event.

As well as hosting the Coffs Harbour Stadium MX, the Coffs Harbour Motorcycle Club hosts motocross, dirt track, and social Ride Park Days as well as race meets at their race track at Phil Hawthorne Drive.




Photos from the 12th Annual Stadium MX supplied by Sports Photography on the Coffs Coast.

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