Stephen Bromhead met with Annabelle Daniel CEO of Women’s Community Shelters

Member for Myall Lakes Stephen Bromhead met this week with Annabelle Daniel, CEO of Women’s Community Shelters (WCS) to discuss the assistance her organisation could provide for the establishment and running of a women’s shelter in Foster/Tuncurry.

Stephen Bromhead with Annabelle Daniel
Stephen Bromhead with Annabelle Daniel

Mr Bromhead said that WCS is an organisation that is supported by a range of charitable foundations and trusts and its role is to provide direct relief of women suffering homelessness in community shelters and low cost accommodation.

“I was very pleased to spend time with Annabelle Daniel to learn more about her organisation and how they assist communities in need of women’s shelters, such as in Forster/Tuncurry,” Mr Bromhead said.

“WCS uses a three party funding model of community, business and government to establish women’s shelters that provide short-term emergency accommodation of up to three months and support in a safe, comfortable and secure environment.

“Annabelle and I discussed the needs in the Great Lakes and the shortages in the existing system.

“She indicated that WCS could help the local community with its fundraising campaign, the establishing of a community-owned shelter, assisting its set-up and ongoing running costs.”

Mr Bromhead said his entire working life – as a nurse, police officer, solicitor and now as an MP -has been spent looking after people in need, most importantly women and children in domestic violence situations.

“I am facilitating a meeting of stakeholders with an interest in establishing a Great Lakes shelter and I am currently in the process of inviting them to come together to ensure we have a common view of what is required and how we go about it.

“These stakeholders include Police, Family and Community Services, Forster Neighbourhood Services, the Samaritans, WCS and the mid north coast domestic violence advocate.

“Following on from my meeting with Annabelle Daniel and the Minister last week, I am very hopeful that a women’s shelter in Forster/Tuncurry can be established as soon as possible.”

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