Felicity Carter ‘Library Champion’ for 2014

Great Lakes Library volunteer Felicity Carter has been elected as the ‘Library Champion’ for 2014 because of her dedication and passion toward supporting literacy in the community.

Felicity Carter
Felicity Carter

Felicity is a volunteer literacy tutor and spends tireless hours in the community, networking and spreading the word of the wonderful ‘Better Reading Better Communities’ Project.

Felicity is also dedicated to giving her time to volunteer at the Forster Neighbourhood Centre and has been actively involved in trying to gain a women’s refuge for the Forster/Tuncurry area.

She is a driving force behind the Homework Centre at Coomba Park and also works with other volunteers in reading children’s’ stories at the local markets, which is a Better Reading Better Communities initiative.

“Felicity has been committed to the Better Reading Better Communities project right from the start and her passion, knowledge and energy have led to some great outcomes. She is always striving to improving the quality of life for people in the region, particularly when it comes to better reading,” said Library Manager, Chris Jones.

Felicity Carter is a true champion of library advocacy for our community.

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