Stinker’s Fishin’: Some catch all the luck!

Masterfisherman Wayne Coles. Nothing is safe.

WHY is it that some fishers catch all the fish and others, the vast majority, simply feed them?

Being good at fishing, like everything, takes time and effort.

Some become totally engrossed in the challenge and take recreational fishing to a whole new level. Such is the champion from Lemon Tree Passage, Wayne Coles.

There seems to be nothing that Colesy cannot catch.

Not having caught big trout before, off he goes to where he is most likely to – New Zealand!

Sure enough it was only a matter of time before a thumping great trout bounced out of the river.

‘What bait?” you may well ask.

“An old Toby lure,” was the reply.

It is not only the experienced fishers that are catching the whoppers.

Eight-year-old Jarred of the Mayne family from Boat Harbour spends his time fishing in the Macquarie River outside the bush town of Warren.

I’m told that the fishing is red hot with cod and yellowbelly biting like piranha.

Apart from a selection of lures the young bloke uses a cube of cheese for bait.

When I asked his secret I was told: “Toss out the cheese and hang on!”

On the local scene thumping great, snowy white winter bream are flapping up the beaches, particularly Stockton and Fingal.

Best baits are pipis, worms and a cube of fresh mullet.

Same secret as young Jarred: Toss out and …!

By John ‘Stinker’ CLARKE

Young bush champ Jarred Mayne.

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