Stockton Bowling Club results by Dave Burnett

Stockton 2020 Minor Singles Winner, John Mccartney with RU Ross Wright.

Stockton Bowling Club

THE The Final of the Club Minor Singles was finally played on Sunday 11th July after a long delay due to the Covid virus, and in a close and entertaining game John (Redrocks) McCartney prevailed over Ross Wright by the narrow margin of 31 – 28 shots. The players were applauded by the many spectators in attendance.

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The First Round of the Club Major Singles was played on Saturday 18th July and the results here were: S.Brown 31 d M.Hoye 17, G.Ferguson 31 d P.Darr 17, D.Lewis 31 d R.Cue 30, J.Price 31 d D.Ward 17, W.Berrigan 31 d P.Wilson 21, R.Hadley 31 D.Phillips 16, L.Payne 31 d R.Wright 21, J.McCartney 31 d K.Wagner 26, T.Smith 31 d J.Fibbins 25, C.Firkin 31 d S.McDonald 13, W.Smith 31 d T.Smith 22, T.Baker 31 d D.Tinsley 19, B.Hitchcock 31 d M.Smith 19, L.Harmer 31 d P.Walsh 27, R.Berlin 31 d N.Raphael 14, W.Eshman wof.

The 2nd Round of the Club Major Singles was played on Sunday 19th July and results were: G.Ferguson 31 d S.Brown 24, J.Price 31 d D.Lewis 17, R.Hadley 31 d W.Berrigan 20, L.Payne 31 d J.McCartney 14, C.Firkin 31 d T.Smith 23, W.Smith 31 d W.Eshman 14, B.Hitchcock 31 d T.Baker 24, L.Harmer 31 d R.Berlin 17. The Qtr. Finals and Semi-Finals will be played next week end 26th-27th July. Jack High PO.



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