Stockton experiences car break ins and acts of vandalism

One of many Stockton cars that were vandalised.


DOZENS of Stockton residents were victims of vandalism and break-ins on the night of 20 February 2021.

Residents are reporting smashed windows, mailboxes and car break ins in a number of Stockton locations including: Roxburgh street, Dunbar Street, Douglas Street, Monmouth Street and Clyde Street

Damage was also reporting along Mitchell Street, with damage to pot plants, letter boxes and turning/ leaving water taps on.

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Residents are reporting that the crimes took place early on the morning of 21 February, reporting loud electronic music being played and noise around 2:30am.

One resident reported that the alleged criminal was using a baseball bat, and many reported larger 4WD vehicles circling the streets of Stockton in the early hours of the morning.

Port Stephens-Hunter Police District Crime Manager Detective Inspector, Ranald Urquhart reminded residents of recommended safety procedures.

“These crimes can often be prevented through simple crime prevention tips people can introduce in and around their homes, including security systems, sensor lighting, and keeping all valuables locked inside the home or shed at all times.

“Make sure all doors and windows are locked before leaving your home or leaving your car.

“We will continue to run operations throughout the district- those who choose to continue breaking the law, we will charge you and put you before the courts.”



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