Storm wreaks havoc on Tilligerry

The Hartford house after the storm.


TILLIGERRY has had more than its fair share of wild weather in the past as it is an exposed peninsular.

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Indeed, such was the damage due to the effects of a cyclonic depression some years ago, that the State Governor was choppered in.

David Hurley AC, DSC, FTC and his wife Linda inspected first hand the damage and also thanked our local firies for their efforts to restore vital services.

Just last week, a storm cell carved a path of destruction in Mallabula with some 80 mm of torrential rain being dumped and winds recorded at around 100kph.

The unusual thing about this storm was that it really only impacted on one street – Hartford St – in Mallabula.
Usually the waterfront areas cop the full blast of the storms but this time it was different.

A large tree from a corner house fell onto the roof of a neighbouring property.

The single occupant was lucky to be in the lounge room at the time as the main bedroom bore the brunt of the damage.

Several SES and RFS units as well as the Power Authority were quickly on the scene.

The following day clean up crews removed branches with chain saws and tarped up the roof.

Several other properties in the same street also suffered storm damage.

Friends and neighbours rallied around and took water sodden linen and clothes away to be washed and dried.

It will be many months before the house will be habitable and the owner has been relocated until that time.


David Hurley and his wife Linda boosting morale with our firies after a violent storm.

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