Stow it, lug it, stash it in a Boomerang Bag

Hawks Nest Tea Gardens Boomerang Bag group members present the specially-designed bags to local paramedics.

SAVING the Earth and saving lives went hand in hand at a recent presentation of ‘Boomerang Bags’ to local paramedics in Tea Gardens.

Boomerang Bags are made from recycled clothing fashioned into useful carry-alls.

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The Boomerang Bags Tea Gardens Hawks Nest group recently received a donation of old ambulance uniforms from Peter Turpin, who was leaving the local paramedic team, and were struck with inspiration.

The work began.

“With a lot of imagination and some clever sewing we repurposed them into work bags which were then gifted back to our hard-working local paramedics,” said Julie Sims, co-ordinator of the Boomerang Bags TGHN group.

Boomerang Bags began in Burleigh Heads and the concept has gone global, with groups making and selling them from Hawks Nest to Vanuatu, and as far away as Romania.

The idea is simple: recycle old textiles such as clothes and curtains into useful, sustainable bags to replace disposable plastic bags, for shopping, laundry, handbags or gifting.

“The core plan is always to reduce our footprint by limiting the amount of plastic and other rubbish going to landfill,” said Ms Sims.

The Tea Gardens Hawks Nest group was formed more than 5 years ago, and with the emphasis on getting the sustainable bags into circulation, the group keep the prices at only $2 apiece.

“Approximately 6,000kg of textiles and clothes are discarded in Australian landfills every 10 minutes,” said Ms Sims, lamenting such waste.

The Boomerang Bags group has also had considerable success petitioning all clubs and pubs in town to stop putting raffle meat trays into plastic bags.

“We have had so much community support over the years and have raised thousands of dollars, including $6000 at our 2022 Biggest Morning Tea, which is gifted back to community groups,” Ms Sims said.

Not only is Boomerang Bags a worthy cause, but it has brought together a group of volunteers who have made lasting friendships, renewed at their sewing bees on the second Saturday of every month in the Dolphin Room at the Tea Gardens Hotel.

Boomerang Bags can be bought at the monthly sewing bees, and at Café Providence in Hawks Nest.

By Thomas O’KEEFE

Local paramedics seem happy to have the best bags in the business, with Ambulance badges strategically located on their new Boomerang Bags.

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