Stroud House could go onto state’s Heritage Register

An historic homestead in Stroud could soon be added to the state’s Heritage Register.

Stroud House was built in 1827 by the Australian Agricultural Company and was at one stage home to the son of the New South Wales Governor, Philip Gidley King.

In 2003 a descendent of the Governor, Jonathan King and his wife Jane purchased the property and have been slowly restoring it to its original grandeur.

The Heritage Council of New South Wales is currently considering whether to recommend the building for listing on the state heritage register.

Dr King said a heritage listing would ensure Stroud House is looked after in the long term.

“It’s extraordinary to be able to live in a house that my ancestor lived in when he was a director of the Australian Agricultural Company,” he said.

“Because of its historic significance to Australia, really, we’re thrilled that the government has decided to help us preserve this house for future generations.”

He said the house is still in very good condition and it’s an important asset for the Stroud community.

“The original joinery is intact and the facade and exterior of the house is as it was built during the time of the early AA Company.

“It’s just like walking into the past.”

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