Students to defend National Taekwondo titles

Students at Imugi Taekwondo prepare for National titles. Photo: Kelly O’Brien
Students at Imugi Taekwondo prepare for National titles.
Photo: Kelly O’Brien

IN 2015, Imugi Taekwondo were awarded 14 NSW National All Styles Championships across 3 events and multiple age groups.

In 2016, nineteen Imugi’s have qualified for the NSW National All Styles Championships.

On the 23rd October 2016, all nineteen will enter the State Championships at Sydney Olympic Park.
Many are hoping to defend their titles, while some are new to the tournament scene and hoping for a shot at the gold that they’ve watched their peers previously achieve.

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The Chief Instructor and founder of Imugi Taekwondo, Chung Sa Nim Tony Gillespie and co-founder Kyo Sa Nim Kelly O’Brien are leading from the front hoping to defend their own titles.

Tony told News of the Area, “Our Imugi’s have worked hard – I’ve no doubt that many of them will successfully retain their titles, and possibly have a few new ones to add to the tally.”
“Regardless of the results I’m proud of each and every one of them – They are passionately dedicated to their art and undeniably committed to each other,” Tony remarked.

Other Imugi’s hoping to defend NSW National All Styles titles are Chase Thoburn in 12-14yrs Continuous Sparring, and Simon Tuppurainen in Novice Men’s Point Sparring.

Both Mia Gillespie and Shonique Goossens have gone up a division this year to 5th Kyu to Black Belt, and will therefore attempt to earn their respective titles in their new division as they did last year.
Mia will compete in 10-11yrs 5th Kyu to Black Belt Forms, Point Sparring & Continuous Sparring.
Shonique will compete  in 14-15y 5th Kyu to Black Belt Forms.

Damien Henwood will contend his first state titles in the Open Men’s Advanced to Black Belt division, after winning the Novice Male Continuous Sparring in 2015.

Imugi Taekwondo is a local martial arts school with approximately 60 dedicated students.

If you would like any further information regarding the school or their wonderful achievements contact details can be found on their website


By Rachael VAUGHAN

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