Summary of Current issues and topics relevant for the Myall Coast community

Dune preservation work along The Boulevarde.


ALMOST half the year gone and what a year so far. Just as things on the improve, the Victorian lockdown has clamped shut and we can only hope the upsurge in Corvid does not spread this way. Judging from the number of visitors in town, no doubt due to school holidays, we hope our commercial businesses are enjoying a welcome respite to the dismal year experienced to date.

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On the subject of school holidays, we have noticed that the majority of bike riders crossing the bridge are obeying the new traffic signs and dismounting when using the footpath. To date we are still to learn if the proposal to convert the pathways to one-way traffic for motorised wheelchairs has been accepted. Things seem to move slowly with regard to the Traffic Committee.

With the relaxing of restrictions, we are hopeful to be able to resume some meetings in the near future, however there are several issues we are able to report on.

• The Tea Gardens Police Station upgrade and resulting “Swedish Sauna” is a continuing black eye for this community and its strong historical ties. It is a disgrace to claim we have a $1mio upgrade. Our State Representative, Kate Washington has begun a petition, mailed to all residents, seeking 10,000 signatures calling for an enquiry. This petition will cover the affected stations of Tea Gardens, Karuah and Lemon Tree Passage, all of which are in the Port Stephens Electorate. With 10,000 signatures, the matter can be introduced in State Parliament and answers must be provided under oath. Signatories do not have to be residents and we have handed out copies to a number of outlets in Hawks Nest and Tea Gardens where visitors can sign.

• The cancellation of Council bulk waste collection has caused some concern amongst residents, who are claiming they pay for the service in their rates and in the event the service has been cancelled, why should they have to pay tip fees. And a very good question!

This has prompted the writer to investigate the matter of tip fees and can share my findings with our readers
The installation of a weighbridge and stop / go lights is necessary as the State Govt. waste levy is being introduced to all Council tips. Councils do not make any income, despite the staff being Council employees.

State Government charged Council a levy of $84 per tonne of waste and earned in excess of $800 mio. from Council tips over the past 12 months. Mid Coast Council contribution to the State Govt is roughly $4 mio each year.

• The Parry’s Cove development in Tea Gardens has received full “six leaf” status from EnviroDevelopment which comprises a panel of government, industry and environmental experts. Sheargolds’ Managing Director, Michael Sheargold was delighted to learn of the award which is made over 6 categories involving ecosystems, waste, energy, materials, water and community. This is a significant achievement and bodes well for our Tea Gardens growth.

• Volunteers from Wanda Woppa Assn. and the Jimmys Beach Preservation Assn. have joined forces in dune preservation work along The Boulevarde. They are removing bitou bush and planting the area with coastal wattle, pigface and lomandra which are slow growing natives which will provide stabilisation to the dunes. The area is being fenced to protect the young plants and the general public is asked to be aware of the project and stay out of the fenced area. Photo supplied
• Something to be alert about. Every 8 years the NSW Electoral Commission redraws electoral boundaries based on population distribution. The Liberal Party has made a submission to split the current Port Stephens electorate into 2 new seats. The first being the communities of Tomaree and Tilligerry peninsulas, Medowie, Karuah, Tea Gardens / Hawks Nest and Gloucester, forming the new seat of Upper Hunter. Raymond Terrace, Williamtown and Maitland forming the seat of Raymond Terrace.

The mind boggles that someone could even contemplate combining the seaside, tourist towns with the country ambience of Gloucester—there is no correlation.

Hopefully the Commission will agree and consign the proposal to the bin as a very poor case of gerrymandering. If not, we, the public will be asked our opinion. We will keep you informed.

• Myall Coast Radio has commenced test transmissions, which show an audio reach of over 23000 people which include the residents on the southern side of Port Stephens. The studios are located in Wanya St. Tea Gardens and equipment fit out will commence this week. Costs have been met by a large number of Seed Funders and the committee expect they will begin transmission in early spring. Volunteers are invited to help in the project and contact the station at





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