Supermarket trolleys – supermarkets should take responsibility

DEAR News Of The Area,

The supermarkets at Toormina Shopping Centre, both Woolworths and Coles, need to address the problem of trolleys taken from the building and left in the streets.

Today, in one street, there were ten abandoned trolleys, and this is a daily occurrence.

People’s behaviour is to blame,of course, but why return a trolley if you can just leave it in a street and let someone else get it?

Couldn’t both supermarkets either adopt the $1-coin system (you don’t see any Aldi trolleys in the streets) or have the streets scoured a few times a day to pick up these errant trolleys?

Sometimes they can be left in the streets for days and I’m sick of ringing Trolley Tracker or Snap, Send ,Solve.

I think it’s time the supermarkets took responsibility for this shameful social problem in our neighbourhood.

Rosemary COOTE,

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