A Tail Of Two Diggers Picture Book Launch

Authors discuss their new book in an pre-launch interview.
Authors discuss their new book in an pre-launch interview.

Officially launched at the weekend, Medowie author Ms Yvonne Fletcher along with John Gillam, have penned a thought provoking picture book titled ‘The Tail of Two Diggers’.

Wondrously illustrated by Mr Paul Durell, the book’s launch included a range of esteemed guests including Kate Washington (MP) and Vice Marshall (ret.) Treloar.

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Included in the Premier’s Reading Challenge 2017, this book sensitively approaches the issue of PTSD through the heroic dog, Digger, and his handler Sgt James Martin.

Animals often resonate with children as they are familiar and usually a friendly way to approach difficult topics which the authors have successfully achieved in this book.

In an exclusive pre-launch interview, Ms Fletcher told Medowie News Of The Area, “Digger (the dog) is an analogy of the modern day soldier.”

Mr Gillam added, “What we are trying to do is bring the dark past into the present to create a brighter future.”

“I saw the potential to present Digger as a story for children.”

“Everyone sees something different in the story, from adults to children.”

Tracking the real life story of Digger and Martin, this tells the history of two remarkable characters.

Three granddaughters of James Martin, including Mrs Dianne Trenorden, Judith Rowe, and Barbara Hoskin travelled from Adelaide to attend the launch.

Mrs Judith Row spoke to Medowie News Of The Area, saying, “I have happy memories of him.”

“He seemed to deal with his PTSD by regularly visiting a mate who was a patient at a hospital in Adelaide.”

Substantial profits from books sales will go to RSL DefenceCare to fund Assistance Dogs.

As a sign of their commitment to assisting returned service personnel, the authors presented DefenceCare with three collars in an advance pledge of how many dogs the book’s sales will fund.

Teachers are supported in their teaching of the book through a comprehensive set of teacher resources for Stages 2 and 3, aligned with the Australian curriculum and the Quality Teaching Framework.

To purchase the book, go to: http://rslshop.org.au/a-tail-of-two-diggers.html

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Retired Vice Marshall Treloar launches the book.
Retired Vice Marshall Treloar launches the book.

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