Tanilba Bay Golf Club Eclectic and Top 15 Stableford

Tanilba Bay Golf Club

Eclectic and Top 15 Stableford Score Aggregate Update.

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Top 15 Stableford Score Aggregate:

Thirty rounds have now been played in the competition.

As more players have now competed in the required 20 rounds, the leaderboard has changed dramatically since the end of last year.

Bruce Day has come from nowhere to claim outright lead with 560 points.

He does not have a game counting below 35 points.

That’s consistent golf!

Gary Howell is only trailing by 6 points, with his lowest counting game being 33 points.

Other new arrivals in the top 10 are Stephen Bridge, Allan Broadfoot and John Gresham.

The top of the leaderboard at the moment is: 1 st Bruce Day 560pts, 2nd Gareth Howell 554pts, 3 rd Arthur Hughes 549pts, 4 th Stephen Bridge 547pts, 5 th Les Moran 545pts, 6 th Andrew Burkett 544pts, 7 th Allan Broadfoot 543pts, 8 th Scott Chapman 538pts, 9 th Paul Beighton 536pts, 10th John Gresham 535pts.

If you are keen to find out where you are placed and how many rounds you have played in either the Eclectic Competitions or the Top 15 Stableford Score Aggregate, there are leaderboards in the Clubhouse and Pro Shop that detail the top 20 to 30 players.

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