Taylors Beach to receive some Council works

PORT Stephens Council has provided an update on works at Taylors Beach.

Following a motion raised by Councillor Leah Anderson on 24 May 2022, it was requested for the General Manager to provide a report on the maintenance concerns of Taylors Beach and how Council will fund requests from “tired Taylors Beach locals”.

There are no present funds to supply electricity to the rotunda, which is an estimated $10,000 in works.

There are no allocated funds for a walking pathway along Taylors Beach Road, however whilst the requested pathway is outside of Council’s Pathways Plan, at the next review of the Plan, the inclusion of the pathway will be considered.

Council has recently obtained a grant to undertake a review of boating infrastructure in the region, which will be used to seek funding to physically undertake works at Taylors Beach Boat Ramp.

Road repairs are also on the cards, including the road down to the boat ramp, which has been inspected and added to the Council’s schedule of maintenance.

The Norfolk Island Pines which have been a point of concern for the safety of residents will have action.

John Maretich, Council’s Assets Section Manager, says the Council is currently consulting with local community groups and residents in regard to the removal of two if the secen Norfolk Island Pine.

“All seven have had a ground inspection by a qualified arborist and two (rear of 30 and 32 Albert) are presenting with health issues,” Mr Maretich reported.

Permits for removal are expected to be issued in the following week with replacement pines required to be planted further away from the houses.

Councillor Anderson says although not all works have been considered, she believes some progress to be on its way for the community.

We’ve had some wins, and I think that some of the important items in there have been accomplished,” she said.


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