Tea Gardens Bowlers news for the week

Tea Gardens Men’s Bowls News


February 4: In perfect conditions 48 bowlers attended the usual Wednesday Nominated Triples competition.

The new format of two games of 10 ends is proving very successful and the new time of 9.00 am for 9.30 am is still catching a few bowlers out.

The winners,(on a countback), with an impressive score of +35 were; Bob Bradley, Col Fossey and Geoffrey Muggleton.

Also on +35 were; Harry Hauben, Graham Watkins and Bob Foster.

The farewell lunch and presentation to Bob Foster was held today after the wash-out of last week.

Bob will be continuing on playing Grade 3 Pennant Bowls for the Club this season. Great news!

February 6: After the big money was won last week, the field fell off slightly this week for the Friday Jackpot Pairs.

There was still a good field of 22 bowlers who enjoyed the fine weather and the pairs format.

The winners were a father and son combination from out of town.

N and D Lott won the money with a very impressive +14.

The lucky losers were; Bruce Everitt and Mick Hoban (Brush Park BC).

February 7: The quarter – finals of the Club Triples Championship was played in near perfect conditions.

The results were as follows:-Sean Mearick 30 – Col Amos 6, Dennis Ashbridge 29 – John Carey 9.

Jeff Baker 28 – Barry Drayton 16.

In the remaining game, a real “nail-biter” of a match, John Bilby’s team won on the last end, with a superb conversion by John, to win 24 – 23 over the much-fancied Paul Syron combination.

February 8: A good field of 37 took part in the Sunday Introduction to Bowls Program.

The Sunday bowlers extended congratulations to Ray Gilchrist on reaching his 80th Birthday.

The winners were; Gary Wynne, Clare Brown and John Moore.

The lucky losers were; Sol Edwards, Ray Gilchrist and Julie Kennedy.

The semi-finals of the Club Triples Championship was played with the teams of; Tom Parkinson, John Parkinson and Dennis Ashbridge playing; Anthony Grant, Kerry O’Brien and Jeff Baker and;

Ian Baker, Richard Lee and Sean Mearrick  playing; Tony Attard, Brian Emmett and John Bilby.

In the first game it was great to see Tom Parkinson in good form.

Playing with bowls he has had all his playing life, (they cover more country than Burke and Wills), he easily accounted for his opponent to set his team up for a comfortable 27-7 win.

In the other game, drama seems to follow John Bilby.

After the Sean Mearrick’s team run-away win on the previous day reason would have to have his team as favourites. This was not to be.

The game was close all the way with some very fine bowls played by both teams.

On the 20th end the Mearrick team led by one shot 17-16.

With his first bowl Tony Attard covered the jack and really put the pressure on the opposition to have it removed.

A succession of drives failed to do so and more shots were added to the head increasing the pressure yet again.

A Sean Mearrick drive is an awesome sight, the ground shakes and as it hits the bank there is a dull thud to be heard in the clubhouse.

He let go two of these with his final shots in an effort to take the jack into the ditch or kill the end.

The John Bilby team breathed a sigh of relief when they both missed.

The final score John Bilby’s team 18, Sean Mearrick’s team 17.

The final next week is bound to be a thriller. Can John Bilby do a “Houdini” for the third time?



Tea Gardens Women’s Bowls


February 3: A total of 16 players contested the first round of the Club Singles Championship today in warm and pleasant conditions.

The results were as follow:-Robyn Webster 25 –  Sandra Leisemann 20, Lily Smith  25  – Julie Kennedy 7, Vicki Rankin 25 –  Wendy Brand    4, Lorraine Harvey 25  –  Anne MacKenzie 4 Lynne Green 25 – Wendy Jones 14, Lesley Kibble 25 –  Loretta Baker    20, Dale Winter 25 – Bev Rhodes            10, Maynie Roberts 25 – Pat Baker 17.

In Social Bowls today, the winners were decided with 10 points for a win plus ends won.

Because of the Club Singles only 8 players competed.

The winners were; Pat Wilson, Clare Brown and Merle Sargeant.

Veronica Conaghan celebrated a Big Birthday today and all members enjoyed her Birthday cake.

There was an added bonus with Loretta bringing a lemon passionfruit slice, – yummy!

February 5: Round 2, (quarter finals), of the Club Singles Championship was played today with a strong easterly breeze making playing conditions very tricky.

Players needed maximum concentration throughout their games.

The winners were; Robyn Webster (defending champion) 25 – Lily Smith 16, Vicki Rankin 25 – Lorraine Harvey 10, Lynne Green 24 – Lesley Kibble 22, Maynie Roberts – 25 Dale Winter 20.

The semi-finals of the Club Singles Championship will be played next Tuesday, February 10, with Vicki Rankin matched-up against Robyn Webster and Lynne Green taking on Maynie Roberts.

Should be some great bowls played!

There were 12 players in attendance for social bowls.

The winners, decided on the lowest winning margin were; Sandra Leisemann, Maureen Shelley, Dorothy Thompson and Veronica Conaghan.

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