Tea Gardens Delma Wark cheers on cousin Olympian Brock Motum

Olympian Brock Motum
Olympian Brock Motum

WHEN the Australian Men’s Basketball team lined up on the court in Rio de Janeiro for the Olympic bronze medal match, Delma Wark was cheering on her distant cousin Brock Motum from her home in Tea Gardens.

Mrs Wark said the Olympian is a descendant of Ernie Motum whose family was one of the first in the area.

Ernie and his four brothers were pioneers of the local fishing industry.

Speaking with News Of The Area, Mrs Wark said although she has never met Brock, it was a thrill to know a relative was playing in the Olympic Games.

“When you’ve got someone who is playing, it changes the spectrum,” she said.

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“You get enthusiastic about it and the happiness and excitement is shared.”

Brock wears the number 14 team shirt and played in each of the Australian team’s Olympic matches.

Mrs Wark said she feels proud knowing the Olympians’ family history comes from the local area.

“It’s a small area, but quite a lot comes out of our community,” she said

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