Tea Gardens Hawks Nest Lifesavers Honoured

Phillip Everett, Carolyn Jefferies, Sharon Taylor and Phillip Daniels. Absent is Anthony Logue. Photo: supplied.

SURF Life Saving Australia has awarded six members of the Tea Gardens Hawks Nest SLSC the SLSA Rescue Medal, in recognition of a rescue that took place on Sunday, 20 March 2022 at Hawks Nest.

Recipients of this prestigious award were Phillip Everett, Anthony Logue, Phillip Daniels, Stuart Daniel, Carolyn Jeffries and Sharon Taylor.

This award recognises outstanding rescue skills, rescue management, displays of initiative and resourcefulness for individuals and groups in exceptional circumstances on or off the beach.

On Sunday, 20 March, beach patrol had finished at 5pm and all members had retired to the clubhouse.

At 5.45pm the lifesavers were notified that a woman was caught in a rip 80 metres offshore and 100 metres north of the club house.

It was all hands on deck as the team went into rescue mode.

Phillip Daniel entered the water on a rescue board, and Anthony Logue and Sharon Taylor took the IRB, the inflatable rescue boat, to the shoreline with Stuart Daniels supporting.

At this point Carolyn Jefferies was keeping patient contact from the sand dunes, directing Phillip Everett to the patient from shore due to visibility being poor.

Soon after, Mr Everett reached the patient but was unable to get her aboard the rescue board due to her exhaustion and the strong current.

The IRB arrived and after four attempts the patient was brought aboard to safety.

Surf Life Saving Australia CEO Adam Weir told News Of the Area, “Across the country Surf Life Saving boasts 314 Surf Clubs with more than 189,000 members all of whom contribute to the 8,900 rescues and 1,634,223 preventative actions taken to keep Australian beaches and communities safe.

“The actions of those involved in this incident showcased excellence in lifesaving training, skills and
procedures, and SLSA commends all involved for their bravery,” he said.

On behalf of News Of The Area and the community we wish to thank and congratulate the Tea Gardens Hawks Nest SLSC members on being awarded this prestigious award.

By Jewell DRURY

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