Tea Gardens Hawks Nest Progress member talk about the Singing Bridge

Some residents are fed up with the pelican excrement along Tea Gardens Hawks Nest Bridge, while others say the pelicans sitting atop of the light posts are a charming aspect of the Myall Coast.Tea Gardens Hawks Nest Bridge

The issue, along with Essential Energy’s plan to reinstate spikes to deter pelicans on the light posts along Singing Bridge, was discussed at the recent Hawks Nest Tea Gardens Progress Association meeting.

The association’s present, Trevor Jennings, said while there was some community conjecture about the need to protect motorists and pedestrians from pelican excrement there was still a desire to permit the pelicans to rest on the poles as a pleasant tourist attractor.

Member Leigh Allen came up with the suggestion that the single arm light poles be replaced with dual arm ones.

“I think it’s a brilliant idea,” Mr Jennings said.

“The spikes could be applied to the arm overhanging the road/footpath and then pelicans would be encouraged to sit on the other arm hanging over the river,” he said.

The association plans to contact Great Lakes Council and Essential Energy suggesting this compromise solution.

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