Tea Gardens Men’s Bowling Club

New bowling members, Carolyn and Chris Fredericks and Phil Thrift enjoying Sunday bowls.


Wednesday dawned bright and sunny for our weekly Nominated Triples competition but it came with a windy sting in its tail, making bowling interesting for the 45 players on the synthetic green.

The grass was not played on due to the 50mm of rain the day before.

The morning winners were decided by the ‘lowest winning margin’ and with a 1-point margin Vic Garlick, Col Fossey and Bob Weir prevailed.

The afternoon game was also decided by the ‘lowest winning margin’ and Rob Young, Dave Garcia and Mark Nightingale won with a 1-point margin.

The Garden eatery voucher was won by Col Amos.

Our thanks to the garden eatery for this prize.

27 August

The Newcastle District Pennants competition continued today with Round 3 played under sunny skies with both First National Dolphin sides competing against Raymond Terrace.

Division 3 played at Raymond Terrace and unfortunately their winning streak ended with narrow losses recorded in each of the three games.

The aggregate of the 3 games was reflected in the Master Board result with Raymond Terrace winning by 9 shots, 66-57.

At home, the Division 4 side took full advantage of their home green knowledge and although the initial stages were tight, as soon as the wind came up this local knowledge came to the fore and two of the Tea Gardens teams powered away to win with large margins.

In the remaining game scores were tied at 17-17 with one end to play and Tea Gardens were holding shot and match point.

A great conversion from the Terrace skip saved the game for them and they won 20-17.

The damage was well and truly done by them with the Master Bard favouring Tea Gardens 79-45.

Round 4 next Saturday will see Division 3 play away at Karuah and Division 4 play Hexham at home.

28 August

A beautiful sunny day for Sunday bowls today with again a great turnout of players.

The Club welcomed Carolyn and Chris Fredericks and Phil Thrift to the wonderful world of lawn bowls.

I am sure they all enjoyed their first taste of what lawn bowls has to offer and they will now go on for free coaching to enhance their playing experience.

The competition was won by Rick Islaub, Sandra Leishmann, and Gary Wynne.

In other news.

Bowlers are requested to watch for dates of the forthcoming annual ‘Kneelers vs Grippers’ game.

This game is a charity event for the ‘Start in Life Foundation’ which the Country Club and both the Women’s and the Men’s Clubs support.

A nomination sheet will be posted shortly, and it will take the form of a mixed triples game.


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