Tea Gardens Men’s Bowling Club mourns passing of club president Kerry O’Brien

The late Kerry O'Brien, who sadly passed away this week.
The late Kerry O’Brien, who sadly passed away this week.


Tea Gardens Men’s Bowling Club

A Bell & B.R bell  (Bell Render)
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MEMBERS of the Country Club were saddened to hear of the passing of friend and colleague, Kerry (Sugar) O’Brien.

Kerry had recently taken on the job of president of the Men’s Bowling Club and was formerly a member of the Country Club Board.

Kerry had a long association with the sport of bowls especially around Gunnedah and Lightning Ridge before he settled in Tea Gardens.

He was a mentor to many taking up the game and will surely be missed both as a friend and player.

At the time of writing, details as to his funeral are not known.


26 July


A maximum field of 42 players took part in the usual Wednesday Nominated Triples today.

The usual team of Ken Devlin, Col Amos and Mark Hair won again with a score of 54 points, two wins plus 14 ends won.

On a very creditable 53 points was the team of Brian McPhee, Garry Porter and Henry Dallas.

A new format next week will trim the sails of the constant winners in that they will only be allowed to enter into a draw to determine the winner of a monthly prize.

The new arrangements are the weekly winning team, plus one randomly picked will go into a draw for a monthly “Queens Kitchen” team of the month.

That team will win three $20 vouchers for a meal at Queens Kitchen.

There will be two $15 credits to be won that will be added to the winning member’s card.

In addition there will be one $10 “Brewhouse” lunch voucher drawn each week.

The “Mables Draw” will continue unchanged.


28 July


The light rain in the morning cleared away on cue for the Fabulous Friday Open Jackpot Pairs played today.

It was great to see another near capacity field participate.

Three-bowl Pairs is proving to be a very popular format and it is hoped that the great fields playing will continue.

As the name implies, bowlers are playing for the Jackpot and again there has been a slight tweaking of the format, designed to increase the jackpot amount each week according to the number of players attending.

For example, if there are 28 players, $28 is added to the jackpot. The minimum would be $15 for 15 players.



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