Tea Gardens Men’s Bowling Club Triples Championship.

Barry Drayton in great form during the Club Triples Championship.
Barry Drayton in great form during the Club Triples Championship.

Tea Gardens Men’s Bowling Club

13 July: Lawn Bowls is a game that is played all year-round under just about any climatic conditions.

The Wednesday Nominated Triples today was typical winter bowls.

The trend from the previous Wednesday was repeated today with strong southerly winds creating problems for the 44 players brave enough to chance their arms.

The wind was a major player as evidenced by the relatively low scores.

There was a countback to determine second place with the Fours team of Ken McKeown, Daryl Martin, Barry Drayton and Kerry O’Brien edging out Ray Prigg, Greg Smith and Noel Jackson. Both sides scored +15.

The winners on a modest score of +29 were; Brian McPhee, Ron Rowe and Doug Naylor.

15 July: Club history was made today with the first ever Friday Open Jackpot Pairs being played.

It was very well supported with 28 players competing on a beautiful winter afternoon.

The lowest winning margin was chosen to determine the winners.

Alan Greenhalgh and Bill Baillie had a good win on +8 but it just was not low enough.

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The winners on +4 were; Kerry O’Brien and Bev Rhodes.


Bev Rhodes definitely won the “Player of the Match” award. She was on fire!

With the Jackpot now at $420.00 for next week let’s hope we can fill two greens.

Names must be in and players present by 12.00 noon for play to commence at 12.30pm.

16 July: The first round of the Club Triples Championship was played today in fairly ordinary weather.

Mark Hair’s team had to play an extra end to confirm their win over John Carey’s side.

They picked up a 3 and won 24-21.

In what was expected to be a close game, Steve Pell’s side demolished the opposition side skipped

by Ben Brown winning comfortably 23-8.

I have it on good authority that Barry Drayton was in scintillating form during this game and assured the win.

An early second round match between Anthony Grant’s team and that of Keith Smith, Anthony’s team prevailed, scraping home 21-20.

17 July: The second round of the Club Triples Championship was played today with clouds threatening but, thankfully, no rain.

Noel Jackson’s side had a great tussle with Alan Greenhalgh’s team, on the eastern rink, with the lead see-sawing throughout the game. They trailed by only 2 shots with three ends to play but their opponents put paid to a comeback claiming 6 shots in the last three ends. They ran out the winners 24-16.

I should mention that Noel’s team had a rookie bowler playing for them.

It was Greg Smith’s first competition game and he acquitted himself well. Well done Greg!

In the match on the centre rink, the Sean Mearrick side proved too good for that of the Ron Webster team.

Ron’s team was well in the game at the 14th end trailing by only 2 shots 14-16.

Then it all fell apart!



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