Tea Gardens Men’s Bowling Dolphin Day Triples

Winners of the Dolphin Day Triples, Ray Prigg, Diane Kiss and Noel Jackson.
Winners of the Dolphin Day Triples, Ray Prigg, Diane Kiss and Noel Jackson.

Tea Gardens Men’s Bowling

14 September: The rain came early today preventing any play before lunch in the usual Nominated Triples competition.

A look at the radar showed that there was likely to be a break about mid-morning and so it happened.

The synthetic green had time to drain and 24 die-hards managed to play 20 enjoyable ends.

Hawks Nest First National
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They fitted nicely onto 4 rinks.

The runaway winners were; Ray Prigg, Steve Jones and Ron Webster. They finished with +39.

In second place with a more modest score of +29 was the team of; Peter Jones Stewart Sturrock and Brian Emmett.

Rounding out third place on +24 were; John Slater, Bruce Everitt and Max Stephens.

16 September: With the Club Dolphin Day to be played the next day only 8 players expressed an interest in playing in the Friday Open Jackpot Pairs, insufficient numbers to justify playing the competition.

17 September: In what has now become a tradition at the Tea Gardens Country Club Bowling Club, Dolphin Day was played today.

This event commenced in 2009 and is a commemorative event to remind bowlers of those friends and fellow bowlers who have passed away.

It consists of a flag lowering and raising by the two bowling club Presidents during the playing of the last post and the reveille.

The competition that followed consisted of 12 ends of turn-around triples which balanced out the teams nicely to ensure some close contests.

A good field of 48 players participated in ideal playing conditions.

It was great to see some new bowlers sharing the fun.

The team of; Diane Kiss, Ray Prigg and Noel Jackson won the day on an impressive +18.

In second place on +16 were; Christine Fossey, Graeme Watkins and Kathie Rimmer whilst filling third place was; John Slater, Lily Smith and David Williams.

The organisers would like to thank the Sunday Introduction to Bowls programme for providing their usual support the cooks George Winter and Barry Good and the Women’s Bowling Club Social Committee for their invaluable assistance

18 September

Sunday Introduction to Bowls was not held today as rain intervened.

Coming up next week from 22nd to 25th September, (Thursday to Sunday), there will be a visit from the Lake Cathie Bowling Club members.

Tea Gardens players are invited to take part.

On Thursday the ladies will play bowls with our Ladies while on Friday, the men will be playing in the Friday Pairs event commencing at 12.00 noon for a 12.30 start.

Following a light lunch on Saturday, mixed bowls will be played in the afternoon followed by raffles and prize giving in the Auditorium.

A Spit Roast Dinner at 6.30 pm. Cost is $20.00 per person.

Bowlers are reminded that on Friday 30 September the annual Kneelers v Grippers Day will be held. Play will commence at 10.30 am.

This has become a regular Masonic Charity Day in aid of their Start in Life programme, a good cause and deserving of our support.

Another charity well supported by the Tea Gardens Country Club Bowling Club is the annual Oncology Day scheduled for Friday 7th October.

The Women’s Bowling Club organise this event and is one not to be missed.



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