Tea Gardens Skate Park rejuvenation begins ahead of kids’ redesign competition

Jeanette Hart and Sandra Bourke preparing stencils and paints for the revamp.

REJUVENATION of the Tea Gardens Skate Park has begun, with practical work starting upon the Myall Way blocks on Wednesday, 24 May.

Jeanette Hart, Myall River Art Walk Group leader, assisted by Sandra Bourke from the Hawks Nest Tea Gardens Progress Association (HNTGPA), began by giving the whole area a once-over, and more than a decent scrub of the adjacent public facilities.

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In a purely volunteer affair, ‘grey-washing’ began on the porous blocks of concrete, which just goes to show that even a quick lick of paint can make a difference, rendering the future ‘canvas’ a little easier on the eyes.

There is still a lot of work to be done, with a spotlight now on the state of the rusty metal bars that form the railings of the skate ramp blocks.

“We are setting the scene for the Progress Association’s Kids Redesign Competition, which closes on May 26,” Sandra Bourke, Secretary of the HNTGPA, told News Of The Area.

The winner of the Kids Redesign Competition will be chosen by the Art Walk Group in June, followed by preparations to transfer the design onto the façade of the blocks and walls of the facilities at the Skate Park.

A few stencilled and painstakingly hand-drawn outlines of skaters and flora and fauna silhouettes were being added on the day by the volunteers.

Prior to their efforts, a few other practical changes had also been made, with new and safer stall locks put inside the doors of the public toilets.

“We’ve also been informed that the rotted benches will be getting replaced next month,” Ms Bourke added.

For too-long a visible blight on the side of the gateway to town, the volunteers’ efforts, augmented by local kids’ artistic endeavours, will bring the Skate Park into the fold as part of the Myall River Art Walk, which begins up the hill at the Lions Lookout, and ends at Bennetts Beach, ever-evolving along the way.

By Thomas O’KEEFE

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