Tea Gardens Women’s Bowling Club

Deyonne Page (Past President) with Robyn Beaumont, Club Championship Major Singles winner and Bette Saillard, Runner Up.

TUESDAY 21st November: The final of the Club Championship Major Singles was played Robyn Beaumont v Bette Saillard, 22 ends were bowled before there was a winner. Interestingly both competitors won 11 ends which indicates the “tightness” of this match, the deciding factor was Robyn managed to score a 4 on the 7th end and won by 3 shots on 4 ends whereas Bette only had multiples on 2 of her winning ends, hence Robyn victorious the score 26 v 13. A wonderful display of draw bowling by both competitors, congratulations to both of you and especially to Robyn on winning this event for the 4th consecutive year, TGWBC Club Champion. Social bowls played 2 games of Triples just 16 ends Maryanne Cuss, Jeanette Emmett and Karen Green lead took control of their game on the 3rd end defeating Loretta Baker, Irene Roberts and Sandra Leisemann 14 v 8. On the 7th end Pam Gilchrist, Jean Glover and Dawn Jones were down by 8 shots (10 v 2) v Kris MacDonald, Annette Linney (visitor) and Pat Baker. I could make the comment Pat’s team were lucky to end up with a win here considering they only scored 2 shots over the next 9 ends compared to Dawn’s crew who gained 9 points ultimately just losing by 1, 12 v 11. The winners on the day were Maryanne, Jeanette and Karen winning with the highest score. Bette Saillard won the raffle many thanks to The Garden Eatery for donating the raffle prize.

Thursday 23rd November: Social bowls played a game of 2 bowls Fours and a game of 3 bowls Triples all games 12 ends. Results as follows a win to Christine Fossey, Dorothy Thompson, Ingrid Luck and Dale Winter 14 v Deb Gardner, Maryanne Cuss, Jean Glover and Bette Saillard 8. Vicki McMillan, Jan Coomer and Dale Cameron must have bowled extremely well on the 9th end bowling against Vicki Harris, Jane Uff and Lynne Green the score at the completion of the 8th end, Lynne’s team winning 11 v 4. Then, Dale’s ladies scored a massive 6 points on the 9th end, then won the next end by 2 actually they were now winning 12 v 11, going into the 12th (last end ) the score 12 all, Lynne’s team scored 2 winning this contest 14 v 12. The winners on the day winning with the lowest margin were Vicki, Jane and Lynne.

Coming events: Patrons Day Tuesday 28th November.


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