Tea Gardens Women’s Bowling Club

The ‘Guard of Honour’.

TUESDAY 11th June: Social bowls played a Game of Fours and 2 games of Triples, all games 18 ends. Lyn Nightingale played “swinger Lead” in the Fours game Lyn, Jan Coomer, Lorraine Murphy and Judy McGavock had control of this match from start to finish by the 5th end the score was 9 v 0 bowling against Lyn, Sheril Johnson, Kris MacDonald and Dawn Jones. Dawn’s team did rally ultimately losing by 6 shots 16 v 10. Precy Swaddling, Ingrid Luck and Lynda Richards were 0 v Vicki McMillan, Maryanne Cuss and Karen Green 7 on the 2nd end, by the 8th end the score was 8 all from here Lynda’s team powered on winning 20 v 13. A close contest on Rink 4 Leona Clissold, Sheila Rattray and Bette Saillard v Sue Thomsen, Jean Glover and Lynne Green on the 10th end the score was 10 all, the 14th end 12 all on the second last end the “Saillard side” hit the front with a lead of 1, they then scored a 4 on the last end claiming victory 18 v 13. I must mention it is terrific to see Leona and Sue back at bowls. The winners on the day winning with the highest score were Precy, Ingrid and Lynda. Lorraine Murphy won the raffle, many thanks to The Garden Eatery for donating the raffle prize.

Thursday 13th June: What can be said? “Let the celebrations continue”? As they did The Unfurling Of our Grade 3 Pennant Team State Flag. Members from TGMBC joined us ladies for this event, all enjoyed a fun 12 ends of bowls followed by the Unfurling Ceremony and then lunch. TGWBC would like to thank all those who made this day such a success, our Social Committee (especially Jan Coomer), Geoff Page and Rick Islaub for being the cooks, TGCC and Motel for your continuing support and everyone who has helped since the start of the Pennant Season in February till this amazing day, Unfurling TGWBC first State Pennant Flag.

Coming events: Thursday 20th June Lemon Tree Passage v TGWBC annual Trophy Day to be contested at Tea Gardens. Saturday 22nd June Presentation Night.


The unfurling.

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