Hawks concede to Dungog in torrid conditions

Alex Sinclair leaves two Dungog tacklers in his wake, rounding in for a Hawks try.

STRONG rivalry was witnessed at the Hawks Senior Men’s game against Dungog at Myall Park on Saturday 15 June.

Strong attack and defence from both sides began the game, with possession moving rapidly up and down the field.

The Hawks took the upper hand with a penalty kick expertly-placed by Shaqueil Saunders 20 metres out from the try-line, setting up Braith Cotterill to cross the line five minutes in.

The incoming rain hit hard and fast, pelting players with a minor cyclone and plummeting temperatures, but still they played on.

Despite strong Hawks kicking, Dungog soon replied with two tries of their own.

Further strong back-and-forth saw the Hawks keep the ball well and on the attack, however they were unable to find the line.

A fifth-tackle kick was perfectly placed for Cotterill to collect as it bounced over the line, and grounded for a second Hawks try, displaying beautifully executed teamwork.

The second half saw Dungog giving out penalties and losing ground each time, but their own defence was strong enough to hold off the Hawks attacks.

The difference in levels of the two teams became painfully obvious as the second half wore on, with Dungog racking up try after try.

The Hawks shifted to a more defensive game, but good passing by Dungog helped them find the gaps and keep scoring.

One last adrenaline burst had the Hawks execute more excellent teamwork, with several runners up the right wing passing off cleanly, and Alex Sinclair bringing the ball in to score the Hawks’ third and final try.

Saunders then showed exceptional focus in nailing the conversion from the sideline, with the game ending 16-42 in favour of the visiting Dungog.

By Thomas O’KEEFE

Heavy rain swept in during the first half, freezing players to the core.

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