The changing face of Medowie- quality of life and lifestyle!

Tiffany Jeffery sharing real estate news over a cup of tea. Photo by Rachael Vaughan
Tiffany Jeffery sharing real estate news over a cup of tea. Photo by Rachael Vaughan

THE days of having to explain to people where Medowie is, are seemingly coming to an end.
Word is spreading about our little town, and people from far afield are interesting in joining the ranks as residents.

Whilst house prices are on a steady rise in Medowie, the value for money for property here far outweighs that of similar house prices in Sydney.
Sydney’s prices, and therefore land and property value, may rise faster, but is it worth it for what Medowie can offer residents with quality of life and lifestyle.
If the big city isn’t your thing, then Medowie might just be.
House prices are going up, but Medowie is still a lifestyle bargain.
First home buyers can buy a house under $400,000 that is move in ready, you get value for money, and don’t have to sacrifice modern conveniences or lifestyle.
Families from further afield are moving here, and retirees are flocking here to get away from the hustle and bustle. Medowie is close enough to the airport to fly to see children and grandchildren, or close enough for family to come visit.
Young families and retirees are able to purchase properties that they wouldn’t have been able to afford in Newcastle or Sydney.
We are a growing community and we have something to suit every demographical need.
We have wonderful schools, we have all necessary amenities and we’re close to the beaches and bigger town.

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Medowie real estate agent, Tiffany Jeffery, spoke to News Of The Area and said, ‘The interest from Sydney is phenomenal. People enquiring are astounded by what their money can buy them without having to forego anything.”
Potential buyers from Sydney enquire about what properties in their price range include, and are always astounded by the difference to the big cities.
“$700k plus in Sydney can buy them a three bedroom, one bath, or they can make a great lifestyle shift for their family and come to Medowie, where they can purchase a four bed, two bathroom, pool and shed on a half-acre for the same price. I would estimate we get five enquiries from Sydney most weeks, Ms Jeffery told News Of The Area.
The interest is the same with Newcastle residents looking for affordable homes still within the daily commute area for work.
“First home buyers in Newcastle are often finding parts of Newcastle have become too expensive for a decent first home. In Medowie, they can still buy a great three bedroom, one bath property for well under $400k, and with nothing to do to it,” Ms Jeffery said.
The word is out, and the feedback is good. Medowie is great value for money and a true package deal little town for anyone ready for a change.



By Rachael VAUGHAN

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