The Country Women’s Association Awareness Week-Domestic Violence “National Emergency”

Coffs CWA members held their meetings outdoors due to COVID but are now able to be back in their rooms.


The Country Women’s Association (CWA) of NSW has launched its annual Awareness Week campaign this week, on the issue of domestic violence.

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The CWA of NSW has called the issue a national emergency, particularly in rural and regional NSW, where assistance can be limited and often hours away.

The 2020 campaign, with White Ribbon Australia and Domestic Violence NSW, highlights the need for urgent action in the areas of support services, perpetrator rehabilitation and prevention programs.

CWA of NSW State President, Stephanie Stanhope, said the organisation wanted to highlight the urgency around more action on the issue in an effort to turn around the confronting statistics.

“The rates of violence we are seeing are not acceptable in our communities and we are calling for more initiatives, strategies and resources to go towards addressing the issue, particularly in rural and regional areas.

“We also want to encourage women who are living with violence to reach out for assistance, and the message from communities must be that victims are not alone and will not be judged, but rather listened to and supported,” she said.

The campaign runs from September 6 to 13 and while the Coffs Harbour Branch of the CWA is very supportive of the need for more resources for domestic violence survivors, they were forced to cancel their morning tea due to COVID-19.

The President of Coffs Harbour Branch of the CWA, Irene Wells, said this has not stopped the branch’s support for survivors of domestic violence.

“We have always supported domestic violence survivors in a number of ways.

“Previously, one group in our area used our rooms at a reduced cost for a number of years till the group grew and they had to get larger premises.

“Every year our quilters have donated quilts to the survivors of domestic violence and women’s refuges.

The quilts which are for adults and children are taken with the women when they move on,” she said.


By Sandra MOON

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