The debate about controversial school program

Happy customer, Jess Smith, with her unique t-shirt design
Happy customer, Jess Smith, with her unique t-shirt design

CONTROVERSIAL school program Safe Schools has been the topic of some fierce and robust debate in recent times.

The questions part of the program raise has concerned conservative community members.

Combined with the current political debate about extending the Marriage Act to include same-sex couples, this is a hot topic not only in Medowie but across Australia.

One Medowie local and mother, Rachael Vaughan, welcomes diversity and encourages more people to embrace their child’s uniqueness.

Ms Vaughan has recently launched a new clothing range, equali-tees.

Its purpose is to bust myths about gender stereotypes such as boys are rough and tough and girls only like princesses.

Ms Vaughan told Medowie News Of The Area, “I wanted this range to reflect each child’s personality, not necessarily just their gender. I want to fill a gap that is missing in the market and have each child to be able to order something that is uniquely something they love.”

“It can be really difficult to find clothes and toys for kids who like stuff that doesn’t fit their gender stereotype.”

The aim of equali-tees is to create custom items of clothing that reflect the child’s personality.

Ms Vaughan says her three year old typifies many children his age, telling News Of The Area, “My son’s favourite things are stereotypical ‘boys’ things, trucks, dinosaurs, and spiders; but he’s also mad about fairy tree houses, kittens, glittery things and the colour purple. I have never told my son he can’t have something because it’s a ‘girls’ thing.”

Betta Home Living
Betta Home Living

Ms Vaughan who is a qualified and experienced high school teacher in the public system, has also previously worked as a case worker with out of home care children, asserts it is important for children of all ages to have their personality and play preferences respected.

So far, the clothing range has been a success with local Medowie parents purchasing custom-designed shirts that reflect their child’s personality and interests.

News Of The Area can also report that Ms Vaughan has plans to launch a teenager range soon with, “Awesome slogans and designs that sing out about things that these young people are passionate about.”

More information about the range can be found at Ms Vaughan’s business page, Zeke Unique:


By Heather SHARP

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