The impact of eggs shortage on local markets

Empty supermarket shelves leave customers scrambling for eggs
Empty supermarket shelves leave customers scrambling for eggs

A SHORTAGE of free-range eggs across the country is being felt locally with limited supplies available in supermarkets in the area.

Spokesperson for Egg Farmers of Australia Mr John Coward told News Of The Area a combination of colder weather, increased demand for free range eggs and a rise in egg consumption have all contributed to the shortage.

“There’s a higher demand nationwide generally with a 3-4 per cent increase in sales across the board”

“Additionally, people are starting to recognise the value of eggs as a cheap form of protein adding to the demand.”

Mr Coward said “eggs cost around $7 a kilogram compared to $25 for steak, making them a viable protein alternative for families.”

With producers struggling to keep up with the demand for eggs, many supermarket shelves have been left empty.

A Coles spokesperson said the retail and food service industry across Australia is experiencing a shortage of eggs because of a significant increase in consumption and seasonal conditions.


“We are working closely with our suppliers to increase production to ensure we have a full range of eggs available for customers as soon as possible,” the spokesperson said.

Mr Coward said the supply of free-range eggs is expected to return to normal within two months.

Some of the smaller supermarkets in the area have not yet felt the effects of the shortage.

Tea Gardens Hotel Motel
Tea Gardens Hotel Motel

Assistant Manager of Bulahdelah IGA Jenny Glynn said the independent supermarket sources their eggs from local providers in Stroud and Libreri in Greta,

“At present, neither of our two providers have stated they have any issues,” Mrs Glynn said.

“The effects of the shortage will not be known until our order is filled later this week.”

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