Tilligerry community says farewell to Les Fellows

Les in later years at his Tanilba Bay home.


IT was with a tinge of sadness that Tilligerry learned of the recent passing of long time resident and community worker Les Fellows.

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    He was 90 years of age.

    Les was best remembered for the part he played in the rescue of the stricken Apollo 13 spacecraft in 1970 and would often recount the story to those interested.

    You no doubt have heard the phrase: 'Houston we have a problem.'

    These words were uttered by a crew member of the mission when a fire disabled the craft.

    But there was another problem.

    At the time, NASA Mission Control could not receive transmissions because the space nodule was in the shadow of the moon.

    In desperation, a call went out to the radio telescope at Parkes where Les and three others operated the facility.

    They were able to form a link between Apollo 13 and Houston which saved the day.

    In recognition of their efforts, certificates of appreciation were awarded to Les and his three friends at Parkes.

    But there's more!

    Twenty years later NASA officials presented medallions to the four which were made from metal retrieved from the launch site.

    Les was also consulted when they made the movie 'The Dish' and was presented with a video copy of the classic Aussie film.


    By Geoff WALKER


    Les with his medallion and a DVD of ‘The Dish’.

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