Tilligerry RSL is keen to keep on display military memorabilia

The tank traps.


Tilligerry RSL is keen to keep on display military memorabilia both inside the Club in cabinets and outside for all to see.

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Look at the photos. The large concrete triangular pyramids are tank traps which were retrieved from Stockton Beach.

They were designed to block the passage of Japanese tanks if they happened to land during WW2.

The ones in the photo are dated 1942. Some of them are still brought to the surface after heavy seas pound the foreshore.

They were a part of the coastal defence network which included a large naval gun on top of Tomaree headland as well as machine gun emplacements and torpedo tubes covering the Port’s entrance.

The gun on top of the mound is one of the most successful anti aircraft guns of all time.

It is the Swedish Borors gun and over 60 000 of them were made and used by some 100 different armed forces worldwide.

Various models were developed for naval and air force use. Later versions were radar directed and used proximity fuses to detonate the projectile.

The firing rate was 130 rounds per minute with the shell weighing around one kilogram.

The barrel diameter was 40 mm and it had a range of 7000 metres. It is still in production after 87 years of service but has been modified numerous times to keep pace with modern day military needs.

Why not take the kids along to play on the gun? There’s a seat and they can look through the cross hair sighting mechanism and pretend that they’re defending our country, just as their grandfathers did all those years ago.


Bofors AA gun at Tilligerry RSL.

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