Tim Freedman at Sawtell RSL on Saturday 16 January

Tim Freedman at Sawtell RSL on Saturday 16 January.


Tim Freedman is the singer, songwriter and founder of The Whitlams, the ARIA Group of the Year in 1998, with six Platinum and Gold albums.

His songs are well-crafted, world-wise stories with a distinctive Australian bent. His themes are diverse – from the historical (The Kelly Gang / Sydney Olympics / East Timor), to the political (Poker machines / Labor history), and the personal (love / booze / no aphrodisiacs).

When he gets it right, he can sound like Randy Newman has joined Crowded House.

Tim’s solo performances are renowned for their wit and melody, as he strips back the Whitlams’ catalogue to a delicate piano and the unaffected tenor of his voice.

The Whitlams’ last album was the Gold certified “Little Cloud” back in 2006. So, it is no surprise their loyal fans are excited at the prospect of a new album in 2021.

The first new track is “Ballad of Bertie Kidd”, a six-minute crime caper which tackles an obscure episode in the career of one of Australia’s most feared criminals.

The question will be asked, “Why was the botched art gallery robbery described in the song not included in Bert’s three volume biography?”

See Tim Freedman at Sawtell RSL on Saturday 16 January 2021.

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