Two very important things to discuss

News Of The Area- two things to discuss
News Of The Area- two things to discuss

Dear News Of The Area


I have two things to discuss – the first is for those who don’t know the next luncheon is at the Golf Club green room on the 24 June 12 noon.

I was going to  attached the Menu from the Golf Club –  just for you to look at but I have given up trying to get the scanner to work – we will order what we want when we arrive.

If you could still advise if you are attending please a few days before that would be great.

The second one is that a suggestion has been put forward to me by a friend,  that maybe we could have someone different each month to organise our monthly lunches.

That way girls can take a turn in maybe doing something different that I wouldn’t even thought off?

I have things organised up until July so what do you think if we give it a try  for August – September and so on until the end of the year, when I hope someone else will take over the reins for a turn.

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The person who organises each month and this will have to be done in advance so I have time to put it in the paper at the beginning of the month and send out the group email with all the details of Venue – Menu – Time – and booking confirmation can just send me an email and I will do the rest as normal.

Can I have your thoughts please ladies.


Susan Burns

Lunch Group



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