U3A Photography group take on unique challenge

The photo chosen to be showcased this month was from Carolyn Fredericks.

EACH month a photograph taken by a Myall U3A Photography group member is chosen to feature in News Of The Area.

The challenge set for the U3A Photography group this month was to photograph something starting with ‘X’.

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“Most of us took to Google or the dictionary to find things beginning with X,” the group’s Sue Donohue said.

“If you check it out there are actually many words in that list.

“Not all are suitably photographic but our group gave it a crack and it showed how different we all approached the idea.

“There were photos of Xanthorrhoea (grass trees), driftwood and ferns that made an X in the image, books from Xenophon (Greek Philosopher), Xeric watches, Xeric (arid) landscapes and plants, as well as Xmas and X-rays.”

The photo chosen to be showcased this month was from Carolyn Fredericks who thoroughly enjoyed being creative to capture this unique photo.

“It was taken outside with me holding my hand X-ray up to the afternoon sun,” Carolyn said.

“I positioned a hibiscus flower behind the X-ray and the sun between my fingers then took several shots.

“It wasn’t necessarily easy to achieve but it worked.”

Carolyn’s camera is a Fujifilm XT 4.

The settings were Manual mode, 16mm lens, f/2 aperture, 1/4000th of a sec, ISO 400.

For information about the Myall U3A Photography Group please email the Group’s Convenor Paul at mulvaney@bigpond.com.

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