Water Contamination an Issue for the Medowie Progress Association

The Medowie Progress Association recently hosted Hunter Water representatives at their regular meeting in what is becoming a complex and potentially political matter.

Hunter Water presented information about the issues surrounding the potential contamination of the Grahamstown water supply from the Campvale drain, and the options of diverting water away from the Medowie floodplain.

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Councillor Geoff Dingle, who has been a driving force behind attempts to sort out the issue was in attendance, along with the Medowie Progress Association’s members, and Medowie and Campvale residents.

Councillor Dingle told News Of The Area, “The cleaning of the drain is associated with Hunter Water’s concern about risk to the quality of the water supply and I’ve been working with the Hunter Water consultative panel for some time now to try to establish a focus on this.”

“The consultative panel largely started because of the constant concern about this and hopefully it will lead to some action and some budgeting for funding for reducing risk and trying to alleviate the localised flooding as well, and encouraging Port Stephens Council to work with Hunter Water to get a reasonable outcome,” Councillor Dingle said.

In what is proving to be a very complex issue, Hunter Water is currently engaged in consultancy regarding water issues and once this is complete will return to the Medowie Progress Association with an update.

As Councillor Dingle said, “The current consultancy is based around assessing the current risk to the potential contamination of Grahamstown water supply from the Campvale drain and the options of diverting water from the Medowie floodplain to other areas including the Hunter River, Moffatts Swamp and or reconnecting to the original flow to Windeyer’s creek.”

“The impact of changing and improving the mixing of inflow into Grahamstown to improve dilution and reduce direct flow to the Grahamstown pump station is also being investigated.”

Residents and business owners who are concerned about the impact this will have on their homes or livelihood are encouraged to attend scheduled meetings.

Medowie Progress Association’s next General Meeting is scheduled for Monday, 26 October, 7.30pm at the Community Hall, corner of Medowie and Ferodale Roads.

By Heather SHARP and Rachael VAUGHAN

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