Well known face painter Judi Walker brings smile to Nelson Bay faces

Savannah loves getting her face painted by Judi regularly.
Savannah loves getting her face painted by Judi regularly. photo: Exhibit Photography

JUDI Walker has been living in the Tomaree area for just over 18 years.

You will see her at most community events as a ray of sunshine with an infectious smile.

Originally from the ‘The Shire’ in Sydney, she resettled in the Bay with two of her three sons, Elliott and Tobias.

Judi was the brainchild of “Kid’s Fun Centres” a mobile children’s entertainment company which brought children’s activity centres into shopping centres, conferences and conventions.

Ms Walker worked as a Marketing Manager in events and entertainment for many organisations including the tourist and historic precinct The Rocks, Sydney.

Soon after, Judi started a small business called ‘Clown Rascalls’ which was an interactive show in shopping centres and arcades.

Forming her own company called, ‘Walker Marketing’ she organised children’s shows, fashion parades and the like all over Sydney.

From public relations, marketing and tourism to being a professional singer/dancer/actor, Judi’s achievements are many.

Judi is well known in the Bay area for her volunteer work at Food Care at the Rock church as well as her tireless work helping more than 40 charities.

A fully qualified theatrical makeup artist for NIDA in film, television and photography led Judi to her most well known position to date.

“As I painted children’s faces I became hooked,” Ms Walker told News Of The Area.

“The look of wonderment on the children’s faces as they see their faces transformed always gives me a big smile,”Judi Walker said.

Most children and their parents recognise her as the lady with the flowers in her hat and a paintbrush in hand.

Judi facepaints children’s faces for various organisations and events and she is also available for pregnant belly painting.

“I love living in this close community of the bay, where people you meet become a part of your life, in fact the community has become my family,” said Judi.

Contact Judi for bookings at judifacepainting@gmail.com or through her Facebook page called Judi’s Facepainting & Body Art.

Judi Walker in her well known flower hat.  (Courtesy of Jewell Drury)
Judi Walker in her well known flower hat.
(Courtesy of Jewell Drury)



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