Wild Dogs Now Wandering the Street as Residents Fear Increases

Dingo on the Beach in Hawks Nest.


WILD dogs from Jimmy’s Beach are becoming increasingly bold as they wander the streets and intimidate residents.

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On Tuesday morning last week, seven dogs were spotted prowling the Anchorage when Pat Promley took her dog for a run.

“I woke up early at 5 am and as I was running there were seven dingoes strolling along,” Pat said.

Similarly to the last reported sighting, the dingoes took great interest in the domestic pet.

Pat said, “I picked up my dog and returned home.”

“Luckily I hadn’t walked very far,” she explained.

Upon returning home, Pat contacted the NSW Parks and Wildlife service and the police to report the incident.

Dingoes are skilled predators and hunt in packs to capture their prey, but the established pack which lives in Hawks Nest and Jimmy’s Beach has become more of a worry in recent years.

When food is scarce, dingoes may rely on humans to scavenge leftovers, causing them to grow increasingly accustomed to the residential developments which surround their territory.

Locals are waiting on the council and national park rangers to find some form of solution after years of cohabitation with the pack and a number of similar incidents in recent months.

The National Parks and Wildlife service have previously suggested a boost to aerial baiting may reduce dingo numbers in the area and protect the local koala population, but community groups have fought the decision.



One thought on “Wild Dogs Now Wandering the Street as Residents Fear Increases

  1. samuel,
    disheartening to see this so called “Wild Dog” article in your paper.
    this is a just a “fake News ” article to stir up comments and keep the debate going in our area which only divides our town
    The only things that will suffer will be the Myall dingoes and the reduction in income from scaring away holidaymakers with the comment of Wild Dogs roaming the area in packs.
    I have been a long term resident and never seen 7 dingoes together in a so called Pack in 18 years.
    The resident of the anchorage should be ashamed of their comments.
    Next thing it will be Zombies spotted prowling around at the anchorage although, rethinking it, based on the resident’s comments, they may be already there.

    I’m sure as a newspaper, responsible for the local area and it’s support. you can print more sociably rewarding articles than this crap.

    Greg K

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