Williamtown residents’ blood testing welcome, air testing needed

Member for Paterson Meryl Swanson has welcomed the start of voluntary blood testing for Williamtown residents, and encouraged affected people to have their blood tested and participate in the epidemiological study.

She also reiterated her call for air testing in the contaminated zone, given that some residents had already registered high levels of PFAS in their blood, despite following precautions not to drink bore water or eat home grown vegetables and eggs.

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“I would challenge the view of the Department of Health that the ‘extent of contamination and the exposure pathways are well understood’,” Ms Swanson said.

“There are some in the red zone who remained unconvinced that breathing in dust is not an exposure pathway, and the high blood levels some people are recording do warrant air monitoring.”

Ms Swanson said she would raise the issue of air testing at the next meeting of the Williamtown Elected Representatives Group, chaired by the NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet and including representatives from Defence and Health and the NSW EPA.

“I am still waiting for a reply from the Prime Minister to my request for a briefing on the issue of the Government’s management of PFAS contamination being escalated to his department, a fact I learned in Parliament on Monday from a Government MP when I tabled my motion on the subject,” Ms Swanson said.

Ms Swanson encouraged anyone considering blood testing to read the health advice closely, talk it over with their GP, and take advantage of mental health support on offer.

One thought on “Williamtown residents’ blood testing welcome, air testing needed

  1. RAAF BUREAUCRATS sitting in their Offices no thought for us as a community.Everything we are given, it all comes with strings attached they keep changing the goal posts. There are good people fighting for the good of our community against those who are supposed to have the community at the very heart of what they are about. We should not be doing any of this we should be celebrating Christmas with loved ones, Friends and neighbors but instead here we are being herded like animals to their preferred Pathology Labs by their time frame and they own the results. The air should of been tested back at the beginning back when they were doing the runway.
    They should of listened to the contractors that they hired to research what would happen to the water table if their expansion went ahead. But they Didn’t WHY? Because they have no respect for our community. They show no compassion but instead contempt.

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