Wirreanda Public School Principal Embarks on a Learning Journey in South Korea

Principal Miss Young with delegates.
Principal Miss Young with delegates.



WIRREANDA Public School Principal, Miss Philippa Young, was selected from a competitive application process for the Australian Principals’ Korean Study Tour.

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Hosted by the Korean Education Centre, part of the Consulate General, Miss Young joined approximately 20 other school principals across Australia.

News Of The Area caught up with Miss Young to discuss her experience and to find out about the South Korean schooling system.

Miss Young said that what she found interesting is that, “Teaching is a highly respected profession and schooling is highly valued by families.”

In recent times, South Korea has shifted its attitude towards schooling, with Miss Young saying, “There has been a significant shift in thinking in their educational philosophy from a sole focus on advanced knowledge to a new mindset focussing on creativity, well-being and respecting the diversity of students to create ‘Happy, Healthy and fun’ schooling.”

Having the time abroad, and Miss Young has previously taught in Canada, allowed her time to reflect on the good things public schools do in Australia.

Some of these things, as Miss Young told News Of The Area, are, “Inclusive education where we support the academic, emotional, social and cultural growth of our students.”

Other positives include “a learning environment emphasising a quality learning environment with high engagement and high expectations and strong collaboration of teaching staff”.

When asked about what Australian schools can learn from South Korea, Miss Young said, “Technological enhancements such as Virtual Reality and robotic technologies to help prepare our students for the Artificial Intelligence age that is coming.”

Besides the professional part of the trip, the participants also had time to relax and explore the food and culture of South Korea.

Miss Young said, “Some of the food was challenging, from eating snails to sea squirts to insect pupae and the popular Kimchi.”

Miss Young also had the opportunity to visit an Australian memorial at Gapyeong which recognises the deaths of UN soldiers in combat from various countries including Australia.

Of this she said, “Visiting just prior to Anzac Day was a cultural and moving highlight.”


By Heather SHARP


Principal Miss Young enjoying cultural highlight of her trip to South Korea.
Principal Miss Young enjoying cultural highlight of her trip to South Korea.


Principal Miss Young in traditional South Korean dress.
Principal Miss Young in traditional South Korean dress.


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