Word On The Street – What does Australia Day mean to you?

Meg Drury flying the flag.
Meg Drury flying the flag.

We hit the streets this week, on the eve of Australia Day, asking locals ‘What does Australia Day mean to you?”

“Australia Day to me means let’s celebrate the day we invaded this country and took away the indigenous Australians rights and autonomy in their own country, considering them in the category of “Flora and Fauna” rather than citizens or traditional custodians.

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Go ahead and celebrate Australia, but not on the day the first fleet arrived, murdered and changed the lives of the Aboriginals.

Why not celebrate on January 1, Federation Day, when legislation was passed that allowed Australian colonies the right to govern in their own right as part of the Commonwealth of Australia.

Now, that’s something to be excited about, rather than having what really happened in 1788 in the back of our minds.”

Meg Drury

“Australia Day to me is a day where we can celebrate being a multicultural society, have a barbecue with family and mates while listening to Triple J Hottest 100!” Nyssa Oehm

“Australia Day is a day to play cricket with my family and friends, go to the beach and have a beer or two.” Zannafra Hutchesson

“Australia Day to me is a day to get together with my family and friends, have a barbecue and enjoy each other’s company while we celebrate being Australian and living in the best country in the world! Being able to live in such a beautiful and multicultural country that has so much to offer is a gift we should all be grateful for!” Jackie Kelly

“Australia Day to me is one of my favourite days of the year. It gives all Australians no matter what their origin a chance to celebrate our cultures whether they be traditional or quirky.

I always look forward to watching the ferry races on Sydney harbour as well as watching Australia’s most important sport “thong throwing”.

It’s a time to relax and a perfect opportunity to throw a barbie or just sit back and watch Australia play cricket against whichever country might be visiting our shores that particular year.” Chris Saunders

By Rachael VAUGHAN

Nyssa Oehm - Medowie.

Zannafra Hutchesson - Edgeworth.
Zannafra Hutchesson – Edgeworth.
Kiara, Jackie and Tamika Kelly - Maryland.
Kiara, Jackie and Tamika Kelly – Maryland.
Chris Saunders - Medowie.
Chris Saunders – Medowie.

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