104.1 CHYFM rings the changes

Health and wellness presenter Lisa Telford returns to the 104.1 CHYFM airwaves on Wednesday, 8 November.

LOCAL youth radio station 104.1 CHYFM announces that sisters Amber and Zoe’s The A to Z of Everything will broadcast their last show on Wednesday 8 November from 4 to 6pm.

“Amber and Zoe have been with the station for nearly four years,” station Manager Angie Vaughan told News Of The Area.

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“They have battled through school exams, bushfires, floods, Covid-19 and an array of career choices and still came in every week, completely prepared and presented one of the station’s most popular shows.

“We will miss them tremendously, as will their many dedicated listeners, but we wish them every success for the future.”

Amber is moving to Brisbane and will be working at the airport, and Zoe can now dedicate more time to the childcare job she loves.

Besides their regular weekly Wednesday program, Amber and Zoe have done a bunch of live outside broadcasts, including ones from the C.ex Community Crew Sleepout, the Cronulla Sharks game at C.ex Stadium, and from the Coffs Coast Wildlife Sanctuary during their fun day fundraiser.

“They were always the first to raise their hand to help at fundraisers, station promotions and reading sponsorship scripts.

“And they’ve interviewed some fascinating people, from rock stars and conservationists, cartoonists and politicians and everyone in between.”

Their last show will be full of special guests and lots of surprises.

“So, tune in on Wednesday 8 November between 4 and 6pm for the final A to Z of Everything on 104.1 CHYFM.”
But, as one show finishes, another returns.

Health and wellness presenter Lisa Telford returns to the 104.1 CHYFM airwaves on Wednesday 8 November at noon with her informational and educational program Eat, Play Love.

Eat Play Love is all about health, wellbeing, mindfulness, alternative and complementary therapies, nutrition, fitness, and much more.

“As a yoga instructor, I’m well aware of the benefits for youth in health, mindfulness and wellbeing,” said Lisa.

“These days, they have to deal with so much; there are world events, social media, financial stress, and school exams, so it’s good that I can research topics of health and wellbeing and talk with experts in their fields and pass on tips, tool and fun bits to help calm it all down,” said Lisa.


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