$360,000 investment announced for our Oyster Industry

Minister for Primary Industries Niall Blair has announced a $360,000 investment to grow the state’s oyster industry over the next three years as part of a $4 million commitment with NSW Farmers Association.

Mr Blair was joined by Member for Myall Lakes Stephen Bromhead at the MW & EA Sciacca & Sons oyster farm in Wallis Lake where funding will support improved access to genetically selected lines of Sydney Rock Oysters.

“The Select Oyster Company, in partnership with NSW Farmers, will help develop the capacity of commercial hatcheries and help new producers through on-site training and collaboration with registered training organisations,” Mr Blair said.

“This program will ensure that the NSW oyster industry has better access to a reliable supply of Sydney Rock Oysters – that will allow producers to keep up with the demand for the state’s oysters.

“The impacts of disease outbreaks can be devastating for our oyster producers, that’s why the NSW Government is determined to ensure we are investing in appropriate programs to give producers every opportunity to minimise these impacts as much as possible.”

NSW Farmers CEO Matt Brand said the Sydney Rock Oyster program will also offer extension services to producers in addition to the production of genetically selected, resilient oysters.

“The program will include launching mobile hatchery technology for the Sydney Rock Oyster industry in NSW, which will provide access to improved lines for growers in disease-stricken estuaries,” Mr Brand said.

“We want to ensure that we are supporting producers in an efficient, effective way.”

Mr Bromhead said the announcement would be welcomed news for producers.

“The availability of stronger stock and alternate production capacity will be of great benefit to all of our producers and will strengthen the future capacity of the industry,” Mr Bromhead said.

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