18-24 Year Olds the Highest Demographic Missing From the Electoral Role

Hayden Cox considering the election candidates
Hayden Cox considering the election candidates

ONLY 71% of 18-year olds and 83% of 19-year-old Australians are enrolled to vote this year.

These numbers have jumped since enrolments closed, originally only being 51% and 76% consecutively.

18-24 year olds are the highest demographic of voters missing from the electoral roll.

There’s 254,000 young Australians in that age group who won’t be voting this year.

According to statistic released in May, the amount of young people not enrolled to vote could have the power to swing up to 10 marginal seats in the election.

First time voters are being encouraged to get involved with the election and consider preferred political parties.

The Australian Electoral Commission has enabled an interactive, practice voting section on their website.

This is designed to help residents who may not have voted before and are concerned with how it works.

18-year old Medowie resident, Hayden Cox told News of the Area, “I’ve had a look at the candidates but I haven’t fully decided who I’m going to vote for. I don’t think many people my age know or care about the election.”

“In my opinion, not many political parties do things to appeal to the 18-24 year old audience as they often don’t show any interest,” he said.

Kate Washington MP Port Stephens
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Young people are encouraged to look at the Paterson candidates and elect someone they think will benefit them.

The 18-24 year old demographic have different wants and needs to their parents, and are more concerned with things such as the NBN and education.

Without the younger demographic voting, it is unlikely that their needs and wants will be met.



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